Dog Walking Duo

Laci Casto & Kevin Lin


We started Floof to create a trustworthy, positive and personal dog walking option for Seattle dogs and their families. Most people come to think of their pets as their children and need someone who will love their floofs as much as they do. Between the two of us we have experience training and walking rescues at the Humane Society of Seattle, as a vet assistant attending to pets both in and out of surgery when they need a warm lap and smiling face the most, and of course with our own dogs and those close to us. As a two person team, you don't have strangers coming into your home and your pup comes to expect us at the door. We tailor walks to your dog's needs, prioritizing their well being and using only positive sanctions to reinforce the manners you've worked so hard to teach them. Whether it's caring for a pup with unique medical needs, earning the trust of a timid dog, or calming an aggressive one, we have the patience and passion for the job!