Off-leash Dog Park Excursion*


Join the pack for an hour off-leash dog park romp, keeping your pup out of the house longer during pick up and drop off. Great for friendly, energetic and responsive dogs needing more time outside and space to run!


15 Minute Walk


 A quick potty break and jaunt around the block.  Great for low energy, ill or elderly dogs!


30 Minute Walk


A longer leg stretch while staying close to home. Great for all dogs and owners on a budget! 


60 Minute Walk


A real workout with time to explore and wear your dog out. Great for high energy and social dogs!


*Dog Park dogs must be up-to-date on all vaccinations required by law, spayed/neutered if over 1 year old, non-aggressive without a history of incident, responsive to basic commands (especially "come") and wearing clear identification (such as tags on a collar). We ask for a twice a week minimum commitment as dogs thrive with consistency and community.